#000 – Welcome to the USFRA Dossier!

Due to the Supreme Court’s recent decision that repealed the 28th Amendment, hundred of thousands of documents, photos, and other information regarding the United States of the Fascist Republic of America became available to the public for the first time in 34 years.

To clarify for my non-American readers, the 29th Amendment made anything related to USFRA illegal with a mandatory death sentence. This included talking of this time period, studying or researching it and many other things.

Because of the Court’s ruling, these actions are now protected by the 1st Amendment. I have since requested a digital archive of the so-called “fashy files” from the Library of Congress that I am currently looking into.

With this blog, I plan to highlight the most interesting information that I can find about USFRA. I’ll also upload any relevant photos, video/audio, and other files for you guys to check out.

I hope you enjoy my blog! Thanks!


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